Tuesday, December 30, 2003

To be a fly on the wall

The January Guns and Ammo has an article by Jeff Cooper on the development of the Modern Technique for Pistols.

If time machines existed, one of the trips i would make is to Southern California circa 1960. I'd go to the matches where Cooper, Weaver, et. al. invented modern combat shooting.

I do most of my blogging here.

Monday, December 22, 2003

More on the WSSMs

A little more info on the .25 WSSM.

And Chuck Hawks takes a look at the .243 WSSM.

As can be seen from these figures, from a 24" barrel the .243 WSSM offers performance with all bullet weights equal to or slightly better than the .243 Winchester, and equal to but no better than the 6mm Remington. Most of the advantage over the standard .243 Winchester is lost, however, in the short barrels actually being supplied on Browning and Winchester hunting rifles.

If you have an itch for one of the WSSMs, you should read the whole thing.

Useful Product

I've been using one of these for the last year and they really do work. When you "holster" your rifle, the rear stock is held close to your body and doesn't swing or flop around when walking/climbing. It makes it much easier to move up and down steep or rough ground where you want two hand for balancing and holding on.

I usually use mine with the daypack attachment. That has the added advantage of leaving the rifle sling with just the right amount of slack for use as a shooting aid.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The Blessing that is Google

I read this in Cooper's Commentary

There is no rule in journalism which demands that a writer must know anything about what he writes, but still we wish that editors would make some sort of effort to tidy up what their contributors set down. For example, consider this, "With a good .30 caliber Weatherby magnum, even a mediocre shot can pick a small bird off a limb at 1200 yards." Now that is really something! This is the work of a syndicated columnist whose name I will not reveal for fear of embarrassment. But really, this sort of thing is ridiculous. The author writes, ".30 caliber Weatherby magnum," is an artifact which does not exist, yet he assumes that his readers will take him seriously. This guy pretends to be a knowledgeable shooter - which gives all of us a bad name.

and immediately wondered who the smug jerk was.

Thanks to Google i know and it really is no surprise.

New Stuff

A couple of interesting things in the latest Guns and Ammo (January 2004).

1. Remington is going to produce the 6.8 Remington Special Purpose Cartridge for the military. (James Rummel discussed this a few weeks back). The round is based on the 30 Remington and functions through the M-16. specs call for a 115 BTSP at 2,800 fps.

2. Winchester is bringing out a .25 WSSM. I don't want one of them, but i expect that this means there will be a lot of 25-06s and .257 Roberts on the used racks. And i do want one of those.

3. Hornady and Ruger are bringing out the .204 Ruger based on a necked-down .222 Remington Mag. This press release says it will drive a 32 grain V-MAX bullet at 4,225 feet per second.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Smarter than the average bear

First morning of buck season (monday), hunting the same stand that came up empty in bear season, a young black bear ran by within 25 yards of where i sat. He made it through the season and now has a buffet of deer gutpiles to fatten on before denning.......