Sunday, February 22, 2004

Worth checking out

Over at Gunblast they have dozens of pictures from the 2004 SHOT show. A lot of new and worthwhile items seem to be coming to market. (For the record, not everything new is worthwhile-- who wants a short-barreled .500 S&W Mag?)

They also review a bunch of holsters for CCW with large revolvers and handguns.

Friday, February 20, 2004

If you ever wondered

what would happen if you shot a blackpowder .45 Colt round through a Taurus snubby, Clint Smith has pictures here.

Take one old (but nice?) guy with a new Taurus model 450 2"-barreled .45 Colt revolver, add 32 grains of old FFg black powder and what do we come up with?

What you come up with is a flame-throwing, fire-starting, butt-thumping blaster with — believe it or not — no hand or teeth jarring recoil. This combination is more than accurate enough used in the double action mode to solve any problems at acceptable self-defense ranges. And, it provides several self-defense assets.

First off, there’s — literally — fire between you and the bad guy. Basically, this combo brings fire-starting capabilities toward anyone dim-witted enough to close the ground with you. Almost as an aside, a large caliber hole is also generated in your opponent. In the case of the Taurus, which is provided with the trendy, but questionable recoil reduction holes in the barrel, I believe I have finally found a purpose for said holes. With black powder, all that black goop and efus blasts out of the vent holes and re-blacks the front sight with every compression of the trigger. Yup, it’s sort of a built-in front sight carbon-black lamp. Oh yeah, they put out a really loud thump when you touch one off too, not some wimpy bangy-bangy sound like smokeless does. And last, but not least, there’s a built-in smoke screen to hide or move behind.
Massad Ayoob on smal pistols

While I never used that particular .32 for anything serious, the day came when I was with some NYPD officers who responded to an armed robbery in progress by multiple suspects armed with sawed-off shotguns. I was not carrying. The backup gun I was graciously handed by one of the uniformed guys was a Walther PPK loaded with .380 FMJ.

Now, quite apart from that gun being totally against NYPD regs then and now, being issued a .380 is something Jeff Cooper probably has nightmares about. However, going from nothing at all to a .380 makes the little gun feel like the thunderbolt of Zeus. The perps were gone when we got there, but the little gun was comforting.

From Guns magazine.

As they say, the first rule of gunfighting is to have a gun.

Although i don't think a lot of .32s or .25s, i have to wonder-- how many civilian defensive guns uses result in failure due to inadequate caliber? By that i mean the victiim is injured or killed after she/he shoots the goblin with a small caliber round in the high torso?