Saturday, April 28, 2007

School shootings and civilian response

I have some thoughts on my other blog.
Michael Bane says it all

Why I Never Fell in Love with the .40 S&W
He is not knocking the .40 S&W as a cartridge, just explaining why he prefers to carry what he does. This point can't be repeated enough:
Finally, "stopping power" is wildly secondary to bullet placement. Let me say that a handgun round, bullet placement is everything. What I want in a carry gun is the absolute knowledge that I can deliver the shot with that gun and that load. The little .40s required more from me than the 9mms and the .45 ACPs.
Bane is in good company. I remember seeing an interview with Jeff Cooper in which he explained that the .45 ACP was not the be all and end all of defensive cartridges. {GASP!} He thought the .45 Colt and .455 Webley were also fine rounds. He shot the .45 ACP because that is what the 1911 shot. Like Bane it was platform first, cartridge second.

Me, i'm that way with the .357 mag. I don't like it's loud bark. But i recognize it's unmatched versatility. But the clincher is the S&W Model 19. It is the platform that i shoot best that can also be carried easily.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Be prepared

Here's a man who takes the injunction seriously.