Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Time Well Spent

This weekend my oldest friend brought his son (my godson) over so he could learn about handloading. Between explaining each step and trying to show him everything from start to finish, we loaded a grand total of 17 rounds in just under 2 hours. After they left, i finished loading the box of 50 and made much better time.

Slow speed and all, it was a good time. You can always BS while your doing it since most of the process is repetitive and doesn't require thought or concentration.

I like reloading and not just for the money i save. It is almost required if you shoot the 41 magnum since there are no light loads available for it commercially. Plus, you don't find cheap practice ammo for the 41 at gun shows the way you do with 38 special or 9mm.

The big thing is, reloading is something i can do with my hands that doesn't take remarkable skill or dexterity. I can't tie flies (and i don't fish anyway). Woodworking is beyond my ability and requires a huge investment in equipment.

My total outlay when i started reloading again three years ago was just around $100 or so. (Lee Hand Press, scale, one die.) I've upgraded and expanded since then, but i still have a fairly small investment and my reloading area takes only a small space in my garage.

The best thing is, reloading is the perfect off-season hobby. In deep winter, after deer season, when there is nothing to hunt or scout for months, i reload the basics and tinker with some new ideas. It beats TV hands down.