Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Home Invasion Lessons

Here is a good article on what not to do and good advice for those who want to survive

1). Alertness and Attitude. Don't rationalize what you think might be wrong. If it looks bad, it probably IS bad. If its not, then you've lost nothing. Be alert and wise to the ways of the world.

2). Security whether personal or of the "homeland" begins with the individual and NOT with an agency. Armed people can fight and defend themselves. Unarmed people can only call for help.

3). Whether the home owner could have drawn a concealed gun or not is a moot point when you have a gun in your face. Nevertheless, a gun man CAN be disarmed and smashed into unconsciousness if you know what to do. If he's within arm's reach, he is more danger from you than you from him.