Saturday, April 03, 2004

Snubby Ammo

The June Combat Handguns has a test of a new .38 Special load designed especially for snubbies. It is a 135 grain Gold Dot from Speer.

In their tests, it generated 870 fps from a 2" barrel. It showed expansion to more than .57" in gelatin while still delivering good penetration and did so even when fired through denim.

This looks like a winner. Feeding a snub-nosed pistol presents requires careful ammo selection. The short barrel can cut velocity drastically which in turn reduces the effectiveness of many hollowpoint loadings. It looks as if the guys at Speer have come up with a HP that expands reliably at moderate velocities and a powder that can deliver the necessary speed from even a short barrel.

Definitely something i plan to check out.