Friday, October 22, 2004

I'm For Bush

I generally avoid politics on this blog. (I save that for here.) Most of the bloggers on my blogroll do it better than me, so why be a pale imitation?

But there is an election coming up, and it is important t gun owners and hunters. That's why I'm voting for Bush. Kerry would be a disaster for the Second Amendment.

What kind of judges would he appoint, especially to the Supreme Court?

Remember how Clinton used his HUD apparatus in an attempt to sue gun-makers into submission? Any doubt that Kerry, ambulance-chaser Edwards, and their buddies will do the same?

The AWB has died quietly. Imagine what wold have happened if Sarah Brady had use of the bully pulpit and if Kerry was twisting arms and horse-trading to get it renewed. Diane Feinstein might be crowing about her victory over "the dark forces of the NRA."

Bush has been solid, if not spectacular. Kerry would be far, far worse.