Friday, April 21, 2006

More good sense on self defense

I left a comment over at James's place and want to expand a little. I wrote "If i could add one point it is this: the "style" as you put it should also reflect an honest assessment of what sort of risks one faces. No point developing the skills if they are with a weapon inappropriate to the most likely SHTF scenario."

What i should have added is this: The biggest risk a civilian faces is not that they will be outgunned. It is that they will be ungunned. It is great to have a tuned AR-15 and being able to nail 20 out of 20 steel plates at a hundred yards in 22 seconds. But that will do you no good when you step out of your car in a dark drive-way at 11.00 pm on a night when some junkie has decided he needs your ride and your wallet.