Thursday, April 24, 2003


In the March/April Successful Hunter, John Barsness wrote:

"I have tried many products designed to reduce hunter odor, including sprays, "cover scents," and scent-blocking clothing. Most do reduce the ability of wild mammals to smell us- if we forego chewing tobacco or drenching our rifle with Miracle Oil."

That's what i like about Barsness-- he is no diplomat and he doesn't get caught up in advertising hype.

But the thing i really like about him is that he is a hunter. Some gunwriters are not-- they are just tourists with rifles. They tell you what they shot and what rifle and ammo they used. Barsness tells you how he hunted, how he read the territory, how he expected the animal to behave and what surprised him. He is not afraid to tell you about unsuccessful stalks because he knows that there are no unsuccessful hunts for a true hunter-- the experience is the big part of the reward.

He is a big reason why I subscribe to all three Wolfe Publishing magazines: Handloader, Successful Hunting, and Rifle. His books are on sale here and are highly recommended.