Friday, April 04, 2003

Buy a Gun Day

I just hit the tip jar over at Aaron's blog as my contribution toward "Buy a Gun Day." For me, it was a better use of money than heading to the gun shop myself.

First, my available range time is barely sufficient for my current inventory-- have to get ready for summer ground hogs, tune the deer rifle for November, stay sharp with my handguns, and test two or three reloading ideas. So what would be the point of adding something new to the safe that will mostly sit there?

More important, Aaron is getting his first gun. He has a family. He lives in LA. He needs one more than i need another one.

And finally, in the long term, we gun owners are all better off when more households join our ranks.

So please, if you decide not to buy a gun on 15 April, consider contributing to Aarons gun fund.